The top 10 most graphically demanding games of all time

The top 10 most graphically demanding games of all time

“Is this working, Crysis?”

Back then, that was the question asked to determine the power of a person’s PC to handle the most intense games on the market. It was the symbol of a game that demanded the absolute best kind of hardware if you want it to truly look its best.

Since then, games have gotten even more powerful and the technology that runs them even stronger. But even with these advancements, there will still be the games that demand the most from your PC, and we’ve got the most demanding here:

Crysis 3

Yes, we had to refer to the meme and acknowledge that the meme exists for a reason. While running Crysis 3 at moderate settings doesn’t necessarily break your machine, if you want to see it run at maximum settings you will need a great PC for it.

What the game lacks in terms of compelling storytelling, it makes up for with some of the most lush, dynamic, and detailed environments in any game. Even though he’s seven at this point, he’s still a pretty eye-catcher.

Grand Theft Auto V

Everyone’s favorite open world chaos simulator can really look like something special when you crank these settings to the max. A game full of details and processes going on simultaneously can really strain your system.

Then you factor in which mods you can play with to add even more detail and graphics power to the game, and you might very well consider upgrading your GPU and pushing your computer even further.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar’s 2018 Western Epic finally hit PC last year, and it’s such a demanding game that Nvidia recommended not running it at maximum settings on their high-end graphics card. Using a mix of medium-high settings was how they advised to get the best experience, which meant that the game was so demanding that it would need a new generation of graphics card to run with it. maximum parameters.

After playing the game, we can totally see how it is. The world is full of details, from the NPCs you meet to the animals that cross your path. Everything looks vibrant, colorful and amazing to see.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

One of the biggest games of this generation, if not the biggest, can come at a high graphics cost as well. The game uses the REDengine 3, which allows the game to have realistic physics, depth of field effects, and ambient occlusion. Considering the size of the game, that means it needs some powerful processing to function properly.

With the maximum settings this game looks so good you might forget it’s just fantasy.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Using the CryEngine that runs the Crysis series is a sure-fire way to need a powerful machine. This historic RPG is rich in detail and when played at its highest settings you will see all of that detail come out of the screen. This means needing the most recent and up to date hardware. But once you get into this world that comes to life so dramatically, it will be worth it.

Final Fantasy XV

A game with a file size of 100 GB is no slouch when it comes to graphics. Final Fantasy XV is certainly one of the most beautiful in the series. The physics are wonderful and the character models are all fantastic including their hair and skin. It becomes a real treat to drive through the scenery, taking in all the scenery in beautifully rendered views.

A world filled with fantastic and crazy creatures can’t get better than this.

Cars 2 project

It’s truly amazing the amount of realism that is seen in many racing games and Project Cars 2 is one to prove it. Slightly Mad Studios have worked hard to ensure that the game can take full advantage of the Madness Engine. You can see it in the way the light bounces off the metallic reflections of your car. It gets to the point where you can even find yourself not paying attention to the race itself, resulting in a crash that uses some really terribly realistic physics.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

At its maximum settings, Mankind Divided can make running Crysis seem like a cinch. Despite this insane amount of graphics requests, it is well worth it. The art style of this game is one of our favorites throughout the industry. Add to that the graphic touches that permeate it all, including the way the smoke escapes from your gun, and you’ve got something that’s going to require some serious hardware.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics really showed the potential of the engine they built for Rise of the Tomb Raider with this latest release. The way the jungle environments, beautiful scenery and lifelike facial expressions are rendered is truly amazing. The game comes with real ray tracing capabilities, volumetric fog and particle effects that really push dynamic lighting in new directions.

Far Cry 5

Even at moderate settings Far Cry 5 is an amazing game to watch. But the graphics demands of this game go beyond how the world looks, as it also has to deal with the explosions and chaos that come with every Far Cry game. It is truly an immersive experience as you run through these lush forests full of wild animals while being shot down by a helicopter or a group of cult members in a truck. You will need the best equipment to be able to enjoy this full experience, which we can guarantee you.

All of these games need the best type of rig to perform at their best. It may sound intimidating, but we assure you that it is well worth it. So if you want to push your PC to its limits, these games are the best way to do it.

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