Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies Walkthrough

Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies Walkthrough

Dead Living Zombies is the third and final DLC for Far Cry 5. The DLC is out and gives players a few hours of gameplay where they will fight with zombies. After clearing each card, you will unlock Score Attack mode, and if you get a 3-star rating, you also get weapons and gears that you can use in story mode. Overall, there are seven missions that you must play with a similar objective.

Dead Living Zombies Walkthrough

Dead Living Zombies Walkthrough

The game begins with a short intro where a film director B Guy Marvel talks about a script. The chapters are divided into this narrated scenario where you will play in first person view.

Mission 1 – Fields of terror

After the top secret military plane crashed into a wheat farm, you will see a shipment of dead soldiers come to life as zombie soldiers. There are large containers with an exposed glass tube. These are called mutation stations. You’ll have to destroy it, the resulting glowing gas will create more zombies. You will start with a double barrel shotgun, you can also choose the medpack and the baseball bat on the porch. Go straight, follow the yellow lights and look right. You will find a rifle and ammunition on a crate.

Dead Living Zombies Walkthrough

Once you have reached the first mutant station, shoot the zombies around. Clean them first, then pull the glowing glass capsules on the station. A head shot will kill the zombie in a bullet. Go another, and on your way near the flag, you will find even more ammo and a rifle. Here you will not encounter many challenges, head to the third on the left side. Keep looking for crates for upgrades. Then you will reach a place with a lot of fire around, here you will be faced with a new type of zombie. If you shoot her in the head, she will explode. It will also damage you, so do it remotely. Destroy the glass tubes then go to the penultimate station on the right of the accident plane. Here you are fighting with Zombie Wolves. Turn around and look in front of the crashed plane for the last one inside a hangar. Kill the final station ends the mission.

Mission 2 – Burnt bridges

The next mission takes place on a bridge, where you will play as a member of a special operations team fighting with zombies on a dilapidated bridge. You have to make your way to the other side of the bridge for dropping ammunition. Walk straight then get on the green bus, then you will face the first wave of zombies. Walk towards the fire and you will get a gun. Turn around and go left, go through the metal door and go straight to the second to fight the second wave of enemies. The third is just in front of the fallen glue, you will see mutation stations all around. First, shoot the zombies and then target the mutation station. After destroying them, cross the wall on the left and you will reach a burning bridge. Jump over the cars to advance. You will see an oil tanker overturned, you will have to fire it with a machine gun. The pistol is located in the corner when you jump from the last bus.

Dead Living Zombies Walkthrough

Once you reach the first mutant station, fight with the third wave of enemies. Then you will jump on fallen red containers. Use the grapple to climb. A few more zombies will appear in front of you. On your left, there is a room where you will get medkits and ammos. Keep walking and a few more zombies will come from the right. Go to the last compartment of the train and now you’re going to fight inside. Stay in one place and shoot the zombies. The path to the exit is on the right and a huge wave of burning zombies will come. Shoot the cylinders to create an explosion and target multiple enemies. Go left and cross the stairs. Board the bus and you will arrive at the ammunition depot. you will get weapons here.

Defeat Sasquatch Zombie:

Dead Living Zombies Walkthrough

You will face the first boss of the Dead Living Zombies DLC. He is a strong man who can pick up and throw cars. you must maintain a slimy distance from it. He will jump towards you and attack you with a swing. He can also hit his hand hard on the ground, which can cause huge damage. It is not really difficult to kill.

After killing him, go to the far left to go further, you will reach a cannon machine with a locked path. Now you’re going to fight a big wave of zombies here, so grab the machine gun and spray bullets on it. This will continue for some time, if you find yourself surrounded by fleeing the place. Finally, you will see a checkpoint, which ends the chapter.

Mission 3 – Eternal Love

The third mission takes you into a world of Romeo and Juliet infested with zombies. The Romeos gang was not happy with him and they put him in a coffin and buried him alive. Her crime fell in love, Juliette on the other side is ready to save him. You will run into a grave. Upon entering, you will start with a wave of zombies. You have to reach the church. Hunt zombies on fire from a distance. After facing a few waves of zombies, you will reach the stairs of the church. There are ammos and armor at the end after the stairs.

Fill in the blanks, then keep going straight and you will spot Behemoths. The big zombies that will throw your pussy. There are also other zombies around. There is plenty of room to hide, so if you find yourself surrounded, run for a safe place and shoot. The Behemoth is healthier than the other zombies and it will follow you, continue to shoot the head, and will go far away. It will explode twice, first when it falls to the ground, a second when you shoot the rear bump.

Dead Living Zombies Walkthrough

Keep going and you will reach a place with mutation stations around. There will be a lot of zombies in the area, you have to target them side by side. You can run to escape from the zombies for a while, then shoot them down. The chase will not end until you destroy the mutation station.

Use scaffolding to mount the church. From above Juliet will see the coffin, you will use a sniper rifle to kill the gang members. Eliminate all the gang members then get out. Some others will appear on the ground. Don’t use a sniper here, use a rifle or shotgun. You have to kill them and save Romeo in the end.

Mission 4 – Escape from the roof

The next mission will take place in 2080. The entire mission will be on the roof of some buildings around. You will start this time with a different weapon, a pistol. Go ahead, jump and take the second left and you will get an SMG on a table. Choose that and go straight, kill the wave of zombies. Walk towards the end on your left, you will see a room with a lot of roof and cylinder light. You will find ammunition there. Go right, do not go down and on your right you will find another table with a rifle. There are these tables all around the corner, just look for the flag. Kill the zombies around, you will see a target at the top left, you have to kill 99999 zombies.

Dead Living Zombies Walkthrough

Much of the time in this mission will simply be killing the zombies that hunt to get a piece of your flesh. You have to run around the corners to find the tables with ammo and weapons. A high powered machine gun will appear and you have to take that and shoot in a straight line to kill the entire crowd of zombies. Aim the red barrels around to cause an explosion. Once finished, leave the machine gun because you have to fight with Zombie Wolverines. These little creatures can’t be killed with the machine gun and they are fast enough. You just have to run away and find a high place to climb, like a fireplace or a table. Then pull them out. You can use the flame thrower here to clear things up quickly. Look for ammos around and descend further down to the roof where you will fight with the Vulturez gang. Kill them all to complete the mission.

Mission 5 – Killer Climate

A new mission will take place in the national park. A strange silt turns people into zombies. A Park Ranger here the cry of a family and decides to check it out. So you start with a tower and go down to the bottom, look for wolves around. Then take some ammos and a bow on the table to your right. Continue straight and turn right. When you reach the bridge, you will be attacked by zombie wolves. You will have to climb the mountain, look for blue ropes and climb from there. Use the grapple to climb, then swing to jump onto the platform in front of you. Turn around and cross the wooden platform and you will see more ropes to climb. Use the grapple again to swing forward and reach the last platform. There is a table just before jumping into the river.

Swim and follow the traces of blood on the ground. You will find it on the left side when crossing the river. You will have to fight with Zombie Bear and Zombie Moose. After killing the animals, keep moving and kill some dogs. You will reach a village where you will fight with a group of zombies. Follow the lake on your left and you will see the mutation station. Before destroying it, you must kill the zombies. At the next marker, you see the family that turns into a zombie. You will have to kill them all. Take the machine gun off the bench after killing them and head for the parked truck. Go up the blue iron stairs to the right to go to the other side.

Defeat Blood Dragon Boss:

A dragon will appear, wait for the machine gun to appear. Collect the weapon and shoot the dragon. It is quite powerful, with the dragon there will be zombies. So you kill them first and then you can gargle the dragon. You should be careful of the sonic explosion which can cause serious damage and overturn you. Look for blue smoke around which you can find bullets. Once the dragon dies to follow the marker, you will reach a car. This completes the mission.

Mission 6 – The Fast and the Demon

This is the penultimate mission that takes place on a beach. The hero is the best chemist in the world and he is infected. So the goal is to find a cure before it turns into a zombie. At first, you have no weapons with you. There will be a timer at the top, keep running and look at the markers on the screen. This marker will show where the zombies here, you have to follow the marker that will take you by car. Take him to the lab. There will be Behemoth zombies on your way, avoid them if you crush them, they will explode. Follow the manufacturer, avoid cars, they will waste your time. Go through the tunnel and stop at the roadblock. There will be soldiers who will try to kill you, to the right of the black road there is a weapon. Take this and walk to the hospital. Enter the laboratory and continue until you reach the interior of the hospital. This is where the mission ends.

Mission 7 – Laboratory of the dead

This is the last and final mission of Dead Living Zombies. It takes place in a top secret laboratory. The President calls a hero to examine the matter. You will have a rifle at first. There are enough ammonia around, take the jetski and go to the lab. You will reach a pipe with hives of zombie bees, keep moving until you reach the laboratory. Kill the zombies and enter. Inside the bunker there will be a lot of blood. Follow the marker and on your left look for a red barrel, shoot it and open the path. Pull from a distance, jump down. You have to fight an upcoming monster, use the barrels to cause an explosion. Walk to the end climb using the hook on the left. A zombie wolf will attack you.

You will reach a room that has a lot of experiences around. Cross the secret laboratory and shoot the cannon in the left corner to open the path ahead. You will face a wave of enemies, forward on the right side. Use the barrels to kill several zombies at once. Once you’ve finished handling the wave, go ahead for the second. You will reach a cloakroom filled with blood. This will become a weapon locker, choose a new pistol and move on.

Dead Living Zombies Walkthrough

A machine gun will be a good choice here, you will reach a mutation station which is located in the center of the room with lots of zombies around. Shoot the glass tubes, there will be a lot of enemies. Head to the door with a green light, it will take you down and jump into the yellow zombie making mud. Fit a good look for the blue rope. To destroy this place, simply shoot down the red cylinders. There, the mission is over.

Guy Marvel finally finds someone who is interested in his screenplay. With the last mission, the story of Dead Living Zombies is over. You can consult our Far Cry 5 Wiki Guide for the full game procedure, DLC guides and advice.

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